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Our May newsletter covers the following topics:

  • Additional Tax Deadlines Extended
  • Employee Retention Credit Could Help Your Business
  • Job Loss Could Affect Your Tax Situation
  • Small Business: Tax Consequences of Crowdfunding

Plus, tax tips:

  • Ready to File? This Tax Records Checklist Will Help
  • Facts About the Adoption Tax Credit
  • Tips for Deducting Medical and Dental Expenses
  • Relief for Businesses with Net Operating Losses

Tax Deadlines:

  • Stay on top of upcoming tax deadlines by reviewing the calendar at the bottom of our monthly newsletter.

In the News:

    Leyla is a talented and knowledgeable CPA, and a warm and friendly person on top of that. She is trustworthy, patient, and efficient. I don't dread tax season anymore because working with Leyla is a pleasure.    

— Heather Olah, DesignOlah

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