What Leyla Hanson, CPA offers Individuals

Individuals receive the same kind of time and attention that we offer all of our clients. In addition to providing clear and complete tax returns, we consult with them throughout the year, doing all we can to help them legally minimize their tax liability.

Our aim is to help our clients become more aware, and develop better understanding of, the factors that influence their financial situation. And, as with our corporate clients, we are happy to introduce our individual clients to our trusted colleagues in law, financial planning or insurance, when those needs arise.

While the majority of our clients are start-ups and businesses, Leyla Hanson, CPA does work with select individual clients as well.

Clients on our individual roster are:

  • Sole Proprietors.
  • Professionals, such as physicians and business owners, who are shareholders of their closely held corporations.
  • Homeowners.
  • Real estate investors, with a number of properties in their portfolio.
  • Individuals who have exercised stock options in the form of NQ's, ESPP's, or ISO's. We also provide tax planning for stock options, providing insight to individuals about the tax impact of stock option exercise/sale decisions.
  • People who want to establish a long-term relationship with a CPA.

    Leyla is a talented and knowledgeable CPA, and a warm and friendly person on top of that. She is trustworthy, patient, and efficient. I don't dread tax season anymore because working with Leyla is a pleasure.    

— Heather Olah, DesignOlah

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